Monday, March 13, 2017

trolling the Ken Kesey facebook page

I guess the one burning question from Jan Irvin and Joseph Atwill is whether or not they give a fuck to talk about the origins of LSD from Switzerland, who Albert Hoffman was, and if they care to debunk that accidental LSD discovery "bicycle ride" in 1943 was really an accident or not?
Ken Kesey was tagged in a photo.
"The Weather Underground"
By Ken Babbs
"The whole thing there being some kind of schism between Leary (Timothy) and us (Pranksters) is entirely untrue.
They were doing acid tests in a different way than the way we were doing our stuff. We were out in the world, flamboyant and enjoying. They were more meditative and going into the inner workings because they were psychologists and professors.
When we met them on our "bus trip" we got along real well. We didn't really get to see Leary cause he was hung up in the house. When we left he met with Kesey and me back where nobody else was and we really talked it over and realized we were doing the same thing. Leary said he was going to keep doing it and Kesey and I said the same thing.
From then on any chance we had together with Tim and see him was always perfect. He was a guy who really went unbelievable places.
He was part of The Weather Underground. Leary got busted coming across the border in Mexico with weed. That had been hanging over his head forever and that was a federal bust.
They arranged it so that when a movie was going on Timothy slipped out and he went out on the roof and they had run this wire from the pole on the roof all the way down to the ground. He had to get on the wire, upside down and put himself down on the ground. They spirited him off to Algeria and he went into Europe.
I am not a theologian but Leary was a theologian. His mind was brilliant in one way and he was able to put his finger on what was wrong about what was going on in the world."

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Aruana Zeitoun
Aruana Zeitoun wonder what he would have to say about whats going on NOW !!!!
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KnoxAnn Armijo
KnoxAnn Armijo Same as it ever was😘
Gary Green
Gary Green bottom line, leary ! rat on a lot of people, and in the end, karma got him ,die asshole cancer !
Johnpaul Jones
Johnpaul Jones Not so. What happened, if you do your research, is the feds wanted to make a deal and make him squeal. He was facing decades in hard prison for a couple or roaches (evidence suggest they were planted). Timmothy was extraordinarily brilliant. He kne...See More
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Laurie Buckley
Laurie Buckley Life has blessed me many many times when beautiful opportunities have come to me...I happened to be in LA spending the last month of my mother's life taking care of evening, I got an invitation to a birthday party of a friend at Timothy's hou...See More
Stephan Cosmos Arthur
Stephan Cosmos Arthur Of course there wasn't a real schism. For those who need the Obvious pointed out to you LSD was initially a mind control social experiment. Albert Hoffman didn't discover it by accident in the middle of World War 2 1943 in a "neutral" country but genetically and ethnically pure "master race" by the Axis powers' standards . That's bull shit. If you believe Albert Hoffman discovered LSD accidentally I have a bridge to sell you. And as LSD began to backfire, it was important that a fair number of celebrity LSD users and lovers of the drug kept promoting it all wrapped up into excess hedonism. Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey had parameters of agendas to maintain publicly as "lifetime actors" that may or may have not entirely willingly nor unwilling been something they would otherwise choose, for their own safety and their family's safety. Jed and the Wrestling Van in January of 1984 could've very well been an illuminati hit to send a message to Ken Kesey. How stupid are you old hippies to believe otherwise?
Stephan Cosmos Arthur
Stephan Cosmos Arthur There's still remnants of that same social experiment being pushed: The Entire Oregon Country Fair committee and family ! along with fucking burning man and whatever "intentional event" b.s. still pushing Free Masonry. fake progressive dumbfuck hippies can all go fuck off. You're all fucking idiots. You're some of the most ridiculous new age nut mother fuckers I've ever seen in my entire fucking life. Ken Kesey was a genius and a warrior but had his limits due to threats to his own family and agendas. I don't describe Zane Kesey as similar to Julian Lennon for no fucking reason. There's only so much high profile celebrity success one can ever fucking take. There's only so much "Cream that rises" without being infiltrated by the "shit that floats" along with it.

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