Jake D Feinberg By Ken Babbs
"That's the thing about psychedelics, you don't just want to see the wonderful stuff, you see the bad stuff too. Right now we're going through a tremendous psychedelic scene with what's happening in this country and in the world. The whole world is psycadelisized now, who needs drugs. Nobody could make this stuff up or see it and it's happening all around us. You've got to be able to dig the bad with the good and know that this is part of the scene.
The world is more psycadelisized than its ever been. I think LSD coming into the world effected it. Ken Kesey said, "when the meatball fell it didn't hit just the people, it hit the trees the bushes the rocks, everything."
LSD was not in Vietnam in 1962/63. I had tripped out with Ken Kesey at Stanford in the late fifties but when I went to Vietnam there were no drugs. Vietnam was a psychedelic experience, you didn't need drugs."
*excerpt of Part III of my radio interview with KB from March 2017 on Powertalk, an internet broadcasting network
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