Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wtf is the Roman Catholic Church?

I don't know what to make of how that documentary explains an individual I met not long ago who grew up indoctrinated with this bull shit and some of his chronically conniving, homosexual  exhibitionist indecent exposure antics,  and behavior patterns, but  fascinating and probably not unrelated.

Oh and as if that motherfucker's fluent French and "charity" work in Haiti preferring the failed cunt queen has no synchronicity ?

Consider this your last warning Tom P.  6'0"  62 y.o.  & your bizarre habit of spaming me with paparazzi candid camera pics on the EMX bus at Univesrity of Oregon college girls.  No wonder why you're 86'ed from LTD? Enjoy Californica and your twisted perversions there & please quit texting me.  You admitted to spitting in someone's coffee and you probably did the same to mine.  

Obfuscated from Florida Mugshots  just enough to warn him that I don't want contact and if anything real bad happens to me, he could very well be a good reason:

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