Sunday, March 5, 2017

The lies of Standing Rock

Treaty lands of an agreed upon sovereign nation from agreements with the USA government need be honored.  Bitch slap this white supremacist barbie doll tool.
The bottom line is:  the pipeline does more harm than good and more productive clean energy technology is Suppressed and Undeveloped.   THAT good ole boy workin' class oil industry is unsustainable, nonrenewable and destroys precious land and clean water.   The oil / coal industry is absolutely heartless and insane.

8:10 If I am the only one watching this video who  hasn't noticed her NLP b.s. techniques promising "unlikely contamination" yadayada  while she waves her ditzy fucking arms and hands in the air.  I guess I was born into a world of fucking idiots afterall.

8:30  It was martial law you goddamn Nazi  Barbiedoll cunt.  There's nothing peaceful about armed military responses.

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