Wednesday, March 8, 2017

more defense for Kate of Gaia Legal name Fraud revolution

Not featured in this old video starting this revolution:  Kate of Gaia and her/his coworkers make another point to ask the judge & everyone in the courtroom "Is it your intent to entice me into slavery?"  If they say "no" they're obviously lying.

Wide Asleep productions writes:


Um, yeah ... In case you didn't hear, "slavery" was legally #ABOLISHED in the civilized world in 1948 !!! Today, the word "slavery" merely means "human trafficking", which literally only exists in the illegal sex and drug trades. DUHHH !!!

Dear "Wide Awake! Productions" That's exactly why you should always have the balls to ask the dickhead in the blackrobe and everyone there whenever you're  in the courtroom  "Is it your  intent to entice me into slavery?" as a gesture to reflect their loaded agenda back at them for failing to address you / and assuming you're Less than a Living Human Living Witness instead OF degraded into Just Another FUCKING NAME! Statist chickenshits like you don't get that.

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