Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kate of Gaia Name Fraud revisited

Kate of Gaia made a valid point. And the point is: it is a very responsible morally righteous act to proclaim to these contrived statist courtrooms whenever one is in jeopardy enough to be coerced into them: "I am not "the name" or " name" I am the Living human witness!" or some derivation of that phrase while categorically denouncing the birth certificate name as merely a reference point that everyone is FOREVER incapable of ever Owning!

Not featured in this old video starting this revolution:  Kate of Gaia and her/his coworkers make another point to ask the judge & everyone in the courtroom "Is it your intent to entice me into slavery?"  If they say "no" they're obviously lying.   

Unlike Kate of Gaia, I see nothing wrong with claiming to be a "Steward" of "the name do to duress".  KATE of Gaia is not "COMPLETELY FALSE" There is a MIDDLE ROAD!  and you (Mr. Wide Awake / the maker of this video)  take the opposite extreme!  You don't get the urgency of proclaiming yourself A HUMAN living Witness Standing in Truth! By doing so  That is responsible self awareness and self realism and self respect! 

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