Thursday, February 9, 2017

re: Red Power: Standing Rock Part II - RISE (Full Episode) VICELAND

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Karina Nalbandyan

Red Power: Standing Rock Part II - RISE (Full Episode)

Those police who are oppressing Native Americans will be held accountable just like the Nazis were accountable for their crimes against humanity. Those police and missionaries say that they are just doing their job & following orders. Well the Nazi said the same thing. Following orders without thinking whether it's right or wrong is immoral, and ignorant. The world will hold all of the police, private security & military people accountable for their crimes against humanity, against the animals, and our Mother Earth. We are living during the time of revealing, time of great awakening. The elite control system fights hard to prevent the common people from becoming sophisticated and organized. Elite class are afraid that the people will realize that there's power in unity. The ruling class knew that this time would come. They knew that their spell over humanity will be broken. They have been psychologically/consciously manipulating humanity for a long time. This corruption goes all the way back into ancient times. People don't know that the government is just a show, they are not really in control. There are people above the government. We do not know who sits all the way at the top of this hierarchy. This hidden hand has manipulated history, and designed the world as we know it according to their ancient agenda. It's behind world wars, events, conquests, invasions, takeover of land, destruction of all indigenous people from around the world. They wished to destroy nature based spirituality. Their plan is to completely separate us from the organic system of our planet, and instead have us adapt their technological counterfeit system. They want to take every natural thing, and corrupt it, and turn everything upside down. That's why we have a world full of people who are mere slaves, but they don't even realize it. People mistake disorder for order, slavery for freedom, falsehood for truth, unnatural for natural. This hidden hand manipulated their elite/royal puppets to go around the world and wipe out all indigenous tribes and people. First they do an over attack, in your face open attack with their military invasion, and then after they come in with a second blow, the cover attack with the church, which destroys the indigenous culture & spirituality, language of the people, behavior, the traditions & rituals, ceremonies, etc... So they first come in with the overt attack with their armies, then they take the survivors and give them a Stockholm syndrome, and eventually the remaining survivors begin to identify with their captors overtime. The victim/remaining survivors of the people begin to adapt the religion, language, traditions of their captors. That's why we see christianity, Catholicism, and other branches of monotheism adapted by the whole world. We assume that the world has welcomed this christianity, Catholicism, orthodoxy with open arms, but in truth it was forced on the world through war, torture, deception.  "

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