Sunday, February 26, 2017

Open Season on Bumkin' DUMB FUCKS

Open Season on these Bumkin Dumbfucks

And their Bumkin' Dumbfuck heartless Victim Blaming

Thanks for this 

victim blaming bullshit propaganda all you heartless pieces of shit.  Show your ass some more.  Sell your chance in hell of any future worth a shit for  your own children and grand children  to the very satan your fake Christianity claims you're against.

Only an eternal Bumkin' dumbfuck would get off to this Insane victim blaming propaganda.   I feel no less disgusted finding a story of raghead muslims gang raping a woman and then having her punished for daring to complain in some sharia Law society.  Gotta save these sound bites of bull shit. 

Here is a little more closer to reality of the situation:

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