Monday, July 10, 2017

MindAnMagick / Frater Xavier? ?

 Repeat Main response to video "A Twisted Plea"
If you can't read this comment, you're polarized enough for blocking me for some thin skin insult or another. If someone is fucked up enough to confide to you about desiring to carry out these heinous acts and is convinced he needs your advice, as though you're some kind of expert on abhorrent behaviors who is their savior, laying that responsibility on you, and you're arrogant enough to believe that . . . Well that kind of speaks volumes about whose exactly "vibing" with who and the lowest common denominators. The dark grim reaper Sith Lord image might have something to do with that you Think? You might want to mention to someone so removed from empathy for failing to get laid, that there really are people doomed to be social freaks with mental or emotional disabilities who really are doomed to be sexually repulsive their entire life in 1 form or another. Haven't you ever encountered people who are mentally retarded and deformed beyond all recognition to sexually perform? , and So sometimes its not exactly their fault and your diagnosis might be a little out of touch on some details . . .. If all you know of this indivdual is this letter .. . . You don't know enough details about the circumstances leading to this near breaking point of this individual and you can't write it all off as a "scarcity" mindset that can be healed by plugs to an informercial from RSD Tyler the orsome other youtube pseudo celebrity pickup artist hack. Envy and Jealousy pushing people to a breaking point can stem from a very, very, complex cruel trauma and abuse when someone is near such a breaking point. And your endless "we've covered this" "we've covered this" when of course you mean YOU, yourself and your NICHE audience"covered this" WHEN ALL YOU'VE DONE IS SCRATCHED THE SURFACE! Oh and thAT profile of Creepster pathology 101 about that 99.9% MEN? 2:55
Yeah like Ted Bundy? Tex Watson of the Manson Family and the BTK pastor Dennis Rader? Richard Ramirez. . .Scott Lee Peterson (born October 24, 1972) .etc. oh WHAT A 99.9% "male" VIBE? and the Conjugal visits of women flocking to their cocks!
suspected. . . You clearly underestimate shrewd sociopaths Frater X.

Thoughts and observations.

There is a part of me that finds his introductory splash screen with the hands and the lightening bolts and the screeching glam-rock metal music ridiculous, self aggrandizing.   The screeching high pitch voice like someone's testicles in a vice.

The irony is Frater Xavier's voice is kind of that deep stern father-tone voice.  He may have some NLP skills that are Crazy.  It occurred to me he attracts a lot of a lot of heavy metal social pariahs and nerds who got picked on cruelly in public schools.  This is might be his customer base?    These are poor bastards attracted to somekind of benevolent stern father-like.  And the ones who are really down on their luck at getting laid probably can't hear enough of him.

His image of the faceless Grim Reaper / Hooded Sith Lord / Jedi or whatever. . . is very Kronos-like, very Saturnian.

I don't know to what extent he practices Poke Caroll Runyon's style of magick in his ceremonial chamber or temple, but if he does everything "by the book" by Poke Caroll Runyon with the Kabballah tree of life, that means he considers That the center Sefira  "Daath" to be planetary Saturn instead of Uranus.   I can't help wonder if this a confused attempt by Satanists and Left hand path practitioners to slip their bullshit disinformation in. 

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