Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Eternal AnuskissFakeAnarchist poem + Anti-Conformity-Rage-Collage-version2point1

 The eternal
costume peasant
fake anarchist
anus kiss freak

free and strong
is an addict and weak

is following a herd of dipshits
and group think

feral and wild
means debauchery and stink

you and your clique of fellow posers
Hates authority
only when it selectively
fucks you all over

never walk
any real talk
or any of your own
worth a SHIT

Wear the death head / totenkopf
and take another bong HIT

wear the consensus uniform
and some trendy fruitcake
androgonous hairstyle,
goofy threads,
nappy hair,
and black hoodies

enjoy your jerk circle
with your tiny little woodies

sit around and snicker
be the ZOMBIE
black bloc
hornet's nest kicker

THEN wonder why
you get profiled as a
dumbass wiggers?

never ask again

and "ecosexuality"
which turns out to be
nothing more
than a buttfucking orgy

buy into the lies
of crimethinc

praising adultery,
moral relativity
[Mark Passio on Solipsism]
and promiscuity
and eat it hook line and sync

join the clique
join the cult
join the congregation
join the FLOCK
get coerced and experiment with being queer
not because you were born that way
because you idolize the Manson family
and guzzled too many fucking beers
where all women
are little girls who munch carpet
and all men
are little boys who suck COCK!

go back to sleep
follow the shephard
and be like the rest of the
don't raise an eyebrow
and don't even blink
just follow the herd of fellow
[zombie]/brainwashed DRAINBO dipshits
with mindless group think

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