Sunday, July 26, 2015

YOU'VE ALL ALREADY ALL CHOSEN to all go eat shit and die

 If you're having a bad day target the deed and not the doer and play fair and be an equal opportunity hater, that way you'll be an equal opportunity lover (if you get a chance).

Right/Left brain imbalance detailed very well by Mark Passio:
 Skull and Bones
Portland, Seattle,Eugene / Lane County and the Rest of the PNW urbanized fake ultra left wing idiots in a nutshell

(of far more exclusively segregated white european heritage than almost anywhere in north america by the way):

as birds of 1 feather
flock together

The eternal
costume peasant
new age yuppy
   (youth undermined into plastic parasites)
fake progressive


The eternal
costume peasant
fake anarchist
anus kiss freak

free and strong
is an addict and weak

is following a herd of dip shits
and group think

feral and wild
means debauchery and stink

you and your clique of fellow posers
Hates authority
only when it selectively
fucks you all over

never walk
any real talk
or any of your own
worth a SHIT

Wear the death head / totenkopf
and take another bong HIT

wear the consensus uniform
and some trendy fruitcake
androgynous hairstyle,
goofy threads,
nappy hair,
and black hoodies

enjoy your jerk circle
with your tiny little woodies

sit around and snicker
be the ZOMBIE
black bloc
hornet's nest kicker

THEN wonder why
you get profiled as a
dumb ass wiggers?

never ask again
which turns out to be
nothing more
than a promiscuous buttfucking orgy

buy into the lies
of crimethinc

and eat it hook line and sync

join the clique
join the cult
join the congregation
join the FLOCK

get coerced into being queer
where all women
are little girls who munch carpet
and all men
are little boys who suck COCK!

go back to sleep
follow the shephard
and be like the rest of the
don't raise an eyebrow
and don't even blink
just follow the herd of fellow
[zombie]/brainwashed DRAINBO dipshits
with mindless group think
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Stephan Cosmos Arthur I never hid my true anti-anuskiss colors in this town

You're all conformist‭ ‬suckers
You're all dumb mother‭ ‬fuckers
You're all in some goofy‭ ‬clique

All your women munch carpet
and all your men suck‭ ‬dick

You follow agent provocateurs like a herd of
Eugene Anuskisseds,‭ ‬How do you‭ ‬sleep‭?

You say you love Gaia‭?
And living green and free,
‎ ‏And saving the world‭
And saving the wilderness?
And saving clean water
And saving the air?
And saving the earth‎?
Where is your safe place for men and women to love each other‎?
Where is your safe place for men and women to raise children together‎?
Where is your safe place for both father and mother to give‎ ‏birth‭?

You say you hate overpopulation,‎
you say you hate world hunger,‎
and you say you hate‎ ‏greed‭?
When is the last time you freed yourself from your selfishness‎?
When is the last time you really felt‎ ‏freed‭?

You say you hate the civilization's evil game and wicked‭ ‬ride‭?
Then quit being such a poster children for genocide‭!

Fuck all you pussy whipped drainbos‭,
burnout deadhead,
‎ ‏& geeks

you disgust the rest of us
wholesome loving,‭
self respecting,‭
‎health conscious,
frugal down to earth
organic granola eating
hippies and freaks

Fuck all you closeted fucktard‭ ‬faggots and fucktard closeted‭ ‬Dykes
Fuck all you patriarchal dickhead worshipers,
And FUCK all you misandronist feminazi feminists and their new age fuckin'
gender supremacy bullshit

As you perform‭
and buttfucking orgies
As you waste your lives in dispair
Never giving a fuck
Never ever giving a‭ ‬care
Pretending Indigineous primitive values
involve being a costume peasant rich kid
hippy wigger
with nappy unwashed dingleberry‭ ‬hair

As you become endless dipshit party animals
fuckface junk food drug addicts
and perverts
and bums without‭ ‬balls

you are all objects of pity‭
for the yuppy snob scum
and their shopping malls.

As you do the deadly nicotine,
crystal meth,
become the heroin junkie,
smoke too much‭ ‬pot,
fucked over,
endlessly whining as a the victim,
endlessly cheap whores,
endlessly sold out,
and endlessly‭ ‬bought,

As time passes you by
As the clock goes tick‭ ‬tock
As you closeted fags sluts suck too much‭ ‬cock
As you closeted dykes sluts lick too much clit
As you eat your junk food
and pretend it's delicious and
pretend it's not‭ ‬shit

And As you drink the final poison‭ suicide ‬drink
Maybe these words will finally make you think‭?
Someday at your funeral
they'll make your Mamma cry‭

as far as I can see,

to all go eat shit an die

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