Friday, April 14, 2017

Hordes Of Feral Bunnies Are Taking Over A Major Nevada City And Nobody Knows What To Do

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THIS IS NOT AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ISSUE, ITS HUMAN HABITAT DEPLETION AS THERE IS A DISRUPTION IN BALANCE when there is a deficiency of NATURAL PREDATORS. Of course this hunting video is out of Texas AND may or may not apply, but when headlines like this"Hordes Of Feral Bunnies Are Taking Over A Major Nevada City And Nobody Knows What To Do" happen. It makes you wonder whether or not some trigger happy rednecks give ever gave a fuck about responsible use of the 2nd amendment. They all make us responsible gun owners look stupid.

A lot of the detracting comments seem to be reacted with "If you don't like hunting than why are you on a hunting channel?" In my case I was curious about wildlife videos and here yours showed up in the search results. There's many people who have no problem with hunting, but find hunting for sport and trophy alone stupid. At least you're killing them as quick as possible rather than with trapping. You put a youtube video about hunting allowing comments Can you really blame someone in your audience challenging you to consider what your ethics are all about? Are the coyotes and bobcats overpopulating and a menace to livestock or safety? In which case I don't blame you for culling them to some degree, but Ican't help wonder what sport and game trophy hunters really think they're getting once it's all taxodermitized in your home collecting dust? And if you really care about their role as predator animals culling the population of their prey (rodents, rabbits etc.). . and that's what they're doing being left alone, why even bother?

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