Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yuppy Snob Prick and Yuppy Snob Cunt:

Yuppy Snob Prick and Yuppy Snob Cunt:

Exponential altruism is based on the premise that no one ever knows when the filthy
fucking rich and yupp-ies will have a change of heart peacefully and non-violently.
SpiralCosmosArt desires the the complete stigmatization, quarantine, ostracism and
eventual annihilation of all filthy fucking rich and yup-y culture epidemic off the face
of the earth given the proper acronym of yupp-y being
◦youth usurped/ undermined / &/or urbanized into plastic parasites

The word “yuppy” is an American slang term often used to berate materialism. The word
“yuppy” is the commoner's accurate and concise pejorative against materialism that need be used
proudly and loudly to destroy materialism, and never again be used in the context of jealousy or envy
because there is absolutely nothing to be jealous about a lifestyle where youth is usurped/undermined/
& urbanized into a plastic parasite.
In this context yuppy is not simply someone who is “young urban professional” as in a
white collared affluent, young and ambitious, but someone
infected with a spiritually diseased hatred of everything rural beautiful, verdant and natural who could
very well be a senior citizen over 65 years or more. The worst yuppy is a complete hater of youth and
everything sacred about a world with everyone naturally healthy athletic human beings in nature, and
would rather be an android if he could, and could very well be between 15 and 30 years old. A yuppy
in this context is brainwashed and programmed into a willful preference and pursuit of perverse
disgusting sterile plastic materialism, softkill genocide, and the artificial over the beautiful natural wholesome verdure of
the earth which is very very generous and abundant.

the word yuppy means youth usurped into plastic parasites
and all those who usurp youth by plastic parasitism

the word yuppy is a word to berate materialistic assholes

and a word to berate materialistic assholes

And the world is infested by yuppy snobby pricks
and all their aspiration to be with filthy fucking rich.

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
nothing you've earned
nothing do you deserve
no one but
yourself do you ever serve

yuppy snob cunt &
AND yuppy snob prick
have no love for each other
with mating arrangements contrived
doomed to divorce and decay
the opposite gender, the driving force
you are determine to betray

When sex is an expedient act
an inconvenient chore
who do you think you are fooling?
you porn addicted dipshit?
you plastic golddigging motherfucking whore?

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
you are all closeted homosexuals
the truly vilest of the vilest
coerced into being fags and dykes
in your elitist sorority fraternity clubs
clubs and cliques
pussy bumps other pussies
and dick rubs other dicks

all the women munch, finger bang and dildo fuck each other's pussies
and all the men butffuck and suck off the shit off each other's cocks

yuppy snob cunts &
yuppy snob pricks
you are all pedophiles
of the worse fucking kind
your public schools
are child porn
snuff flick dungeons
and death camps
to harvest their flesh
into decadent leather furniture
and Nazi lamps

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
you live to
boast, flaunt, boast and brag about
every vain luxury toy you can buy
yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick

altruism to you
is pissing
in your raped children's eyes

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob pricks
you are all closeted homosexuals
in your girl's only and boy's only clubs
all the women munch each other's pussies
and the men suck off each other's cocks
clam bumps other clams
and dick on dick rubs

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
Revolution is coming
you're outnumbered
with or without your guns
to run
with an arrogant pig
ripe for slaughter
by a hoarde of mongols and huns

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
you know no love of life
you lost little girls
you lost little boys
You live in an endless playground
of sadomasochist toys

yuppy snob cunt &
yuppy snob prick
you make the world sick

yuppy snob cunt &
and yuppy snob prick
youth usurped and undermined into plastic parasites
with little hope
of you ever having change of heart
it's about time you get lynched and burned alived
fueled by your own stinking fart

it's your turn to grovel and lick
It's your turn to get burned,
it's your turn to get bit,
it's about fuckin' time you eat shit.

Spiral Cosmos Art at 1:53 PM

Monday, April 25, 2016

Vitriolic Contempt for the Totenkopf. The Genius And Insanity of an Artist.

Pascal is both absolutely right and an absolute Genius,
and a Paranoid nut stingy fucking nut at the same Time.  Gemini Duplicity at it's finest work. An Inspiration, a mentor, and a clown who keeps making me laugh and cry.   Good Luck Bro . . .   

Cetch Da Monkey REMIX "You Are my Monkey Pascal"

$4,500 per month for claiming to be a fully disabled "Veteran" (U.S. Army 1979 to 1983) in the middle of the Cold War stalemate, seeing what kind of Combat?  Who knows . . . ?   His house negro stepfather who worked for the Dupont corporation? . . . It makes me wonder what his disabling circumstances were in that outfit. ?

Eternal AnuskissFakeAnarchist poem + Anti-Conformity-Rage-Collage-version2point1

 The eternal
costume peasant
fake anarchist
anus kiss freak

free and strong
is an addict and weak

is following a herd of dipshits
and group think

feral and wild
means debauchery and stink

you and your clique of fellow posers
Hates authority
only when it selectively
fucks you all over

never walk
any real talk
or any of your own
worth a SHIT

Wear the death head / totenkopf
and take another bong HIT

wear the consensus uniform
and some trendy fruitcake
androgonous hairstyle,
goofy threads,
nappy hair,
and black hoodies

enjoy your jerk circle
with your tiny little woodies

sit around and snicker
be the ZOMBIE
black bloc
hornet's nest kicker

THEN wonder why
you get profiled as a
dumbass wiggers?

never ask again

and "ecosexuality"
which turns out to be
nothing more
than a buttfucking orgy

buy into the lies
of crimethinc

praising adultery,
moral relativity
and promiscuity
and eat it hook line and sync

join the clique
join the cult
join the congregation
join the FLOCK
get coerced and experiment with being queer
not because you were born that way
because you idolize the Manson family
and guzzled too many fucking beers
where all women
are little girls who munch carpet
and all men
are little boys who suck COCK!

go back to sleep
follow the shephard
and be like the rest of the
don't raise an eyebrow
and don't even blink
just follow the herd of fellow
[zombie]/brainwashed DRAINBO dipshits
with mindless group think